Below is a video clip of Colin Sutherland and myself playing the bagpipes with dhol players at an Asian weddding in Bradford.



Since playing at this wedding we have both learnt to play Asian tunes on the bagpipes which fit better with dhol drumming including ‘Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai’. So far I have been booked to play with Sheffield bagpiper Sam Johnson for an Asian wedding with dhol drummers in Bradford and I have a booking in Derby where I will play with dhol drummers at the grooms house, then on to the temple and finally at the reception. I will hopefully have some video clips to add to my website and Facebook page shortly after these weddings.

Bagpipes and dhol are a great fusion and superb way of bringing together different cultures. The droning dhol sound of the drum complements the drones of the bagpipes very well. I’m yet to play at an Asian wedding without everybody dancing to the fusion of bagpipes and dhol.