Honor the memory of your loved one with a touch of tradition and solemnity by hiring a bagpiper for the funeral ceremony. The haunting and emotive sound of the bagpipes adds a unique and powerful element to the proceedings, creating a poignant atmosphere that pays tribute to the life being celebrated. Steeped in cultural heritage, the bagpipes bring a sense of connection to tradition and can be a beautiful way to express grief and commemorate the departed. The distinctive notes resonate through hearts, providing a moving and memorable farewell. Whether it’s the military-style precision or the soul-stirring melodies, a bagpiper adds a timeless and dignified touch to the funeral, ensuring a meaningful and respectful tribute to your loved one’s life.


Funeral Bagpiper Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield

Thank you Ed for playing at my husband’s funeral. You were wonderful and brought tears to the eyes of all who turned out to wave goodbye to George In Great Houghton You did a magnificent job and were polite, courteous and respectful. I will recommend you.

Wendy McCann

Ed’s extensive experience of over 30 years in playing the bagpipes at funerals provides him with a wealth of knowledge to tailor his performances in a professional and dignified manner. Here are some ways in which Ed can utilise his expertise:

`Tune Selection:

  • Ed can draw upon his vast repertoire of funeral-appropriate tunes. He may choose traditional Scottish or Irish funeral marches, hymns, or other pieces that hold significance to the family or the deceased.

Collaboration with Funeral Directors:

  • Ed’s longstanding experience involves establishing good working relationships with funeral directors. He can coordinate with them to ensure his bagpipe performances seamlessly integrate into the overall funeral service.

Understanding Emotional Resonance:

  • Ed’s extensive time in the field provides him with a deep understanding of the emotional impact music can have during a funeral. He can use this insight to choose tunes that evoke the desired emotions and contribute to the overall atmosphere of solemnity.

Sensitivity to Timing:

  • Ed’s familiarity with the flow of funeral ceremonies enables him to time his performances effectively. He can play during key moments such as processions, the lowering of the casket, or other significant parts of the service.

Personal Touch:

  • Ed can work closely with families to incorporate specific requests or preferences. Whether it’s a favorite tune of the deceased or a piece with special meaning, his experience allows him to adapt his repertoire to meet the individual needs of each funeral.

Professional Presentation:

  • Ed’s experience includes a high level of professionalism in his attire and overall presentation. This professionalism adds to the overall dignity of the funeral service, ensuring that his role is executed with the utmost respect.
Had this wonderful experienced piper at our sisters funeral today and he was absolutely amazing, we felt we gave her a beautiful and special send off.
We had also had him at both our son and daughters weddings and he added a very special touch to both.
Highly recommend, very professional and an amazing piper .
Paul and Marjory Moore

Absolutely beautiful performance for my Partners (Jason) Grandads Funeral, loving memory of “John Michael Doherty”
Ed joined us at Salford Cathedral and followed onto Agecroft cemetery and we couldn’t recommend enough!
Brilliant performance, timing and professionalism and the biggest thank you.
Danielle Lilly

Shiregreen Cemetary, Sheffield

Areas Covered

Ed is based in Sheffield and covers all surrounding towns and cities including Chesterfield, Huddersfield, Halifax, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, York, Harrogate, Wetherby, Hull, Doncaster, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln. He is proud be a first point of contact for a number of funeral directors including Newsome’s Funeral Directors, Barnsley, AW Lymn Funeral Directors, Nottingham, Dyson Funeral Directors, Sheffield, G & M Lunt, Sheffield, Co-Op Funeralcare, Leeds, Harold Lilleker, Chesterfield

Typical Performance Options

Church / Crematorium 

As funeral cars arrive, the haunting melodies of the bagpipes provide a solemn greeting, setting a reverent tone for the ceremony. The bagpiper takes on the poignant role of leading the casket to the church / chapel doors or down the aisle, adding a dignified and traditional touch to the proceedings.

  • In line with church traditions, the bagpiper guides the casket out of the church, creating a moving and symbolic moment for mourners.
  • At crematoriums, the bagpiper’s music resonates outdoors, offering a soul-stirring backdrop as mourners gather, providing a comforting and poignant conclusion to the service. Entrust the memory of your loved one to the stirring notes of the bagpipes, creating a farewell that is both timeless and deeply meaningful.



  • As the hearse arrives, the bagpiper leads the casket to its resting place, creating a poignant and dignified procession. The haunting melodies accompany the solemn moment as the casket is lowered into the ground, offering a touching tribute and a farewell filled with reverence.
  • To conclude the service, the bagpiper plays several tunes, the evocative sounds resonating as he walk into the distance, creating a powerful and symbolic effect. This poignant departure leaves an indelible impression, allowing the bagpipe’s soul-stirring notes to linger in the hearts of mourners as a final tribute to the departed.