I had a great time playing my Fred Morrison Reelpipes at a folk session at The Huntsman, Thurlstone last week. It was my first time playing in a folk session for a number of years and my first time with the Reelpipes. I was a little worried they may be too loud for playing in a pub and might drown out other musicians but the volume seemed just right. Other musicians managed to jam along to the tunes I played and it sounded fantastic. I ended with ‘Shores of Erin’ and ‘The Gravel Walk’ which got the entire pubs attention. Punters were clapping along and stamping their feet and I received a huge round of applause. Lots of people shook my hand as I was leaving, thanking me for playing and said how much they enjoyed the sound of the Reelpipes. People seemed to appreciate that they had the sound and crack of the Highland bagpipe but were not too loud for playing indoors.¬† I am very much looking forward to attending¬† July’s folk session!