Myself and fellow pipe band members Steve Plumb and Dominic Cronshaw had the privilege of being hired to play for Struan Marshall’s  (Steve Gerrard’s agent) 50th birthday celebrations at his and Anelli Marhsall’s beautiful villa in Cap Martinet, Ibiza. Two years ago Steve and I played for Struan and Anneli’s wedding anniversary there so it was a huge honor to be invited back . We got changed and tuned up at our hotel. Dominic played a few tunes outside the hotel whilst we were waiting to be picked up. Within seconds a crowd of locals and hotel guests surrounded him taking photos and video clips . He finished to a huge round of applause and lots of the locals came and shook his hand and asked us about our venture.  Upon arriving at Struan and Anelli’s villa we were made to feel very welcome. We piped all the guests in as they arrived and then played again later in the evening as everyone left to go out for further celebrations in the city. It was great fun, lots of guests including Steve Gerrard had their photos taken with us . The trip also gave us the opportunity to have a couple of days relaxing by the sea in glorious sunshine with a beer… or two.

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Ibiza Bagpipers

Dominic Cronshaw, Steve Plumb, Ed Arnold