I was honoured to be asked to play the bagpipes for the children at Ecclesfield Primary School (in Sheffield) as part of their Scottish day last week . It was great fun.  The day began with the school introducing me to all the children as part of their assembly. I was then asked to visit individual classes to answer questions about the bagpipes, my outfit, general questions about Scotland and of course whether or not the Loch Ness monster was real. I played a number of marches, jigs and reels and had the children clapping along and dancing. It was great to see that many of the children had made an effort and attended in their own homemade Scottish clothing such as kilts and plaids, etc. One child even had his own set of mini bagpipes so I was able to give him a quick lesson on how to hold the instrument. He then had great fun pretending to play them alongside me while I played a tune. Most of the children were given the opportunity to have their photos taken with me. A fun time was had by all!