Had a fantastic morning playing the bagpipes at St Alabans Primary School in Denaby. The classes are named after saints and it was my job to lead the St Andrew’s class into the assembly. It was to be a  complete surprise to all the other classes who were sitting patiently waiting for the assembly to begin.  The children loved the bagpipes and were extremely keen to ask questions such as where the bagpipes come from, how they work, what they’re made of, as well as general questions about my outfit,  Scotland and St Andrew. They even taught me a thing or two about St Andrew! At the end of the assembly I was asked to hand out prizes to children who had won competitions and then the whole assembly sang me a Beatles Song that they had been practising for a long time.

Before they left some of the children had an opportunity to have their photo taken with me. The children at St Alban’s  were fantastic and it was a pleasure to play for them. One young lad came up to me as I was leaving, thanked me for playing and said it was the best day in school he’d ever had! It would be a pleasure to play again at the school in the future.